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This is a place where I will ramble on about stuff. Sometimes this stuff will feature things. Sometimes these stuffs and things will be an attempt at humor or entertainment, and sometimes they'll just be items that are bothering me and I feel the need to vent about.

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star wars + iconic lines

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I always groan whenever I come to a Sansa chapter in A Song of Fire and Ice. They’re just the worst.


The ‘Bleak Movies Coloring Book for Kids’ Gives R-Rated Films a Positive Child-Friendly Twist

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  1. Boot Bar lettering.
  2. Spain, Polka, Alma and assorted South Philly tag lettering. 
  3. Dodge lettering. 
  4. Pat’s King of Steaks lettering. 
  5. King of Jeans lettering.
  6. A Man’s Image lettering. 
  7. Melino’s lettering. 
  8. Texas Weiners lettering.
  9. Dolphin Tavern Billiards and Broad St. Cleaners lettering.
  10. DEERE lettering. 

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I’m not much of an achievement guy, but there’s this one I want where I have to survive a full day in-game online, which equates to about forty five minutes in real time, with a bounty on my head. It’s tough! I thought I could do it easy since I’m pretty okay at evasion, but I’ve yet to succeed. It’s a fun kind of challenge, though, and I’m enjoying it. My current attempt is looking promising.

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Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 

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